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13 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him (2023 Guide)

13 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him (2023 Guide)

13 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him (2023 Guide)

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

Did you know that buying presents for a guy can be almost as hard as one of Hercules's 12 labors?

Jokes aside, men are hard to shop for in general. And when it comes to the most special guy in your life, it gets even harder. Whether it's his birthday coming up, National Boyfriend Day, or Father's Day, the weeks leading up to it can be pretty stressful.

Buying a birthday gift is supposed to be easy, but when you want it to be unique and remembered - that's where it gets tricky.

If your boyfriend or husband has a hobby, things become much easier.

But what if your SO (significant other) doesn't have any hobbies? Or at least none that you know of?

Well, in that situation, you are left grasping at straws in the dark about what to get your special man for his special day!

The big upside to all this is that any gift from you is a special one for your man - you can take our word on that. And if you put some effort behind it, he'll love and appreciate it all the more.

However, you want unique. And to us, unique = something different or something customized.

On that note, here are some unique birthday gift ideas for him that will make him feel special on his big day!

The 13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men in 2023

What makes the best gift for your man?

Is it a new set of t-shirts or a new pair of sneakers that he's been eyeing?

Or does it have something to do with his guilty pleasures?

Or maybe it's something more personal?

Well, all of them can be great gifts as long as you put some thought behind them. As cliché as it sounds - it's the thought that counts.

Here are a couple of gift ideas for him that he'll love and remember for years to come! You can even go the DIY route if you feel like adding a more personalized touch.

1. The Perfect Gift - A 3D Crystal Photo

Crystal Photo Heart

The best gift is the one that lasts forever. If you're thinking this hard about the perfect gift, then it's a safe bet that you've been together a while now. And that also means you have a lot of memories together.

So we ask you - what's the best way to cherish those memories you have together? Answer - To have them engraved in one of our unique 3D Crystal Photos. Or at least, that's what we believe.

You can pick up our unique 3D Crystal Photos in four shapes - Rectangle, Diamond, Spear, and Heart. And since there are multiple size options, you can go with whichever one suits you best.

Our 3D Photo Crystals are:

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Laser-engraved for better accuracy
  • Brighter and more vibrant than a traditional photo
  • Stylish and sweet at the same time

For couples who want to keep the spark in their relationship alive for years to come, this is the ultimate gift!

2. Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Remember how we all used to make paper airplanes when we used to get bored in the classroom? Well, what if you could control those paper airplanes using your smartphone? That would be pretty darn cool, right?

That's exactly what you'll get with this smartphone-controlled paper airplane!

If your special man is the type to tinker around with DIY kits, then this can be one of the best gifts for him, period! And for such a small toy, it's surprisingly agile. You can pull off plenty of aerial tricks with it, which is pretty impressive.

Since you have to build the paper airplane yourself, the entire experience, once you get the paper airplane to fly, is pretty rewarding. There's a template included with the bundle and a handy manual to make things easier for you.

3. Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing beats cuddling with your special person under a warm, cozy blanket during a rainy evening. And some music and ambient light are often the missing components during those special moments.

Well, with the Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker from Uncommon Goods, you can kill two birds with one stone!

Comparing it with a high-quality speaker would be unfair, though. But as long as you manage your expectations, you should be pretty happy with the sound quality. At least the sound is good enough to spice up those movie nights!

The biggest appeal of the speaker, however, is its flicker light. It mimics the ambient light that comes from a fireplace or a bonfire, making those cozy evenings even better!

4. Custom 3D Photo Wine Stopper

3D Photo Wine Stopper

Everyone likes to celebrate their special moments with their loved ones. And we're sure you've had many occasions to celebrate, popping open a bottle of champagne with your significant other. And bringing out your favorite bottle of wine on a home date night is always nice.

But the air is the biggest enemy of wine. And unless you close up the wine bottle properly, the next time you take a sip, the taste will seem bland.

Well, our 3D Photo Wine Stopper, not only gives you a great way to close up the wine bottle when you're done but also serves as a wonderful gift for the man in your life.

You can choose between four different shapes - square, octagon, round, and rectangle and engrave an image of your choice inside the crystal.

5. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Kabob grilling sets

Do you often host backyard barbeque parties with your spouse? Or do you enjoy going on camping trips together? If the answer to either of these questions is yes - then you don't need to look far to get him the best gift for his special day!

These Kabob Grilling Baskets are a fantastic gift of choice for grill chefs. It comes as a set of 4 and has a unique basket design that makes grilling skewers irrelevant. And the design also makes it extremely easy to flip meat or veggies, making it a great gift that the man in your life deserves.

6. Red Bay Combo Coffee Pack

Red Bay Coffee Combo 3-Pack

Most people can't imagine starting their day without a fresh cup of coffee. And while most of us are okay with a decent cup, there are some who are extremely particular about its quality.

If your significant other falls into that category, then a top-shelf pack of beans can work as a fantastic gift.

And as a birthday present, the Red Bay 3-Pack is unbeatable.

It includes three distinct flavors - the Red Bay Slow-burn, the East Fourteenth, and the Coltrane.

So, if your partner is the one to go crazy about coffee beans, he'll absolutely love this gift.

As a bonus, you'll also get to enjoy it alongside him. (Score!)

7. Personalized 3D Photo Keychain

Personalized Crystal Photo Keychain

A keychain is a necessity for most men after a certain age. And if you've seen your man carrying a large set of keys with him, then it's a sure sign that he needs a keychain.

But since it's his birthday, you shouldn't go with any old keychain out there. It needs to be special.

That was the idea behind our customizable 3D Photo Keychain. You can engrave it with a picture that shows how much he means to you to make it a truly personalized gift. Don't worry - the picture quality in our keychain is much better than what you would get with a photo frame.

You'll also have the option to choose between the rectangle and the heart-shaped 3D Photo Keychain, so go with whichever you think suits you best.

And if your man leans more toward utility than personal, we recommend looking into the I-dawn iPhone charge cable + bottle opener keychain.

8. Method Men's - Sea + Surf Body Wash

Sea + Surf Body Wash

While women are considered the most hygienic of the two genders, that doesn't mean your man won't appreciate a shower set.

The Sea + Surf Body Wash set by Method is a great combo that comes with a body wash and an exfoliating soap bar.

And it's the perfect size to fit in a duffel bag. So, he'll be able to take it with him when he's taking a shower post-workout at the gym.

9. Custom Whiskey Barrel

Custom Engraved Whiskey Barrel

If your man loves to brew his own whiskey, then this Custom Whiskey Barrel is a great way to surprise him on his big day. The best part - it's an extremely cool and stylish present!

You get to choose between either a 2L whiskey barrel or a 5L one. And if you're willing to splurge, you could even go for both, along with a complete whiskey kit with three flavor essences.

Even if the man in your life isn't that adept at brewing whiskey, he'll be able to pick it up pretty quickly. It comes with plenty of instructions making it a great gift for even a complete newbie.

10. 2D Photo Christmas Ornament

2D Photo Christmas Ornament

A personalized gift will always be just the thing to lift up your man's spirit. The key to making a gift memorable is to give it a personal touch. And sometimes, something as simple as our 2D Photo Christmas Ornament is enough to bring a smile to your partner's face.

Our 2D Photo Christmas Ornament can be engraved with a picture of your choice along with a small text to capture the essence of what you two have together. And just like your special bond, the text and image that you engrave in the ornament will never fade.

11. The Beard Care Kit

The Beard Care Kit

Self-grooming is all the rage these days, and while your man might not care to admit it, he'll always appreciate a new beard care kit.

And there's none better in that regard than The Evergreen Beard Care Kit!

It's a complete package that includes a beard shampoo, a bottle of beard oil, and a can of beard balm giving your man complete freedom in fashioning his beard. There's nothing cooler than a man who keeps his beard under control!

12. Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

Men who drink cocktails are sexy! But what about those who make them? Answer - even sexier!

And with the Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker as his gift, your man will be serving you cocktails any time you ask!

You can get this smoker kit with a torch included if you want (that costs extra). It's the perfect birthday gift for a man who likes making his own drinks and also likes serving you some when you feel parched.

13. Indoor Golfing Mat With Ball Return

Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return

If your boyfriend or husband is the golfing type, then here's a cool gift idea for you:

The Indoor golf putting mat by SKLZ

It's a foldable putting green that lets your significant other perfect his swings. So the next time your boyfriend goes out golfing with his buddies, he will have you to thank for his perfect putts.

This putting green lets him try out three key putting lengths. The Adjustable Gravity Ball Return brings the golf ball back to the start position after the stroke. So he doesn't need to go running around after it after each hit.

And the best part:

you two can have an indoor putting showdown between the two of you! Date nights will never be the same again!

Wrapping Up: Unique Gift Options for the Man in Your Life

The best gifts come from the heart, and while it might sound like a cliché, it rings true in every relationship. Whether you're going for a Father's Day gift or a present to celebrate him being yet another day older, you need to make it personal, and that takes effort.

A gift that'll make a mark in his heart needs to have a story behind it. And we at 3D Photo Gifts believe in celebrating all of life's milestones by immortalizing small moments.

For some more gift ideas, come check out our online store. You'll find plenty of keepsakes and memorabilia to celebrate the bond you have with your special guy.

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