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What to Get Your Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day (21 Gift Ideas)

What to Get Your Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day (21 Gift Ideas)

What to Get Your Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day (21 Gift Ideas)

Pondering what to get your boyfriend on national boyfriend day?

Well, ponder no more; we've got you covered.

In this guide, we're going to help you explore the best national boyfriend day gift from a slew of options. (21 is a slew, right?)

National boyfriend day is an important holiday to show your male counterpart how much you love him.

In fact, it's one of two important male holidays throughout the year, the other being Father's Day.

And what better way to celebrate National Boyfriend Day than to show your love by selecting the perfect gift that he'll love and cherish forever?

Ok, let's dive right in!

When is National Boyfriend Day?

Before we get started, you may be wondering when national boyfriend day is.

Well, believe it or not, it's on the same day every year and doesn't change:

October 3rd.

Go ahead and mark your calendar.

What is National Boyfriend Day? (a Brief History)

In the information age, the internet helps us with many things, like gaining information, cost comparison, renewing our driver's licenses, and in this case, creating unique holidays.

That's right:

National Boyfriend Day was started with the help of the Internet. It first came about as Twitter users started posting appreciation posts about their boyfriends on October 3rd, 2012.

In 2014, it was unofficially adopted as a holiday and finally started gaining traction in 2016, with thousands of tweets surrounding the topic.

Some believe that it was to show love to the male partner in the relationship since there was a public holiday for girls but no boyfriend day. Others say it was taken from pop culture and was intended to coincide with Mean Girls Day, taken from the 2004 film.

In any case, in 2023, you now have another just because occasion to celebrate your lover.

21 Gift Ideas & Romantic Gestures to Give Your Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day

Now that you're fully informed and familiar with the holiday, let's jump into the 21 gift ideas that he'll love on his special day.

Whether you came to do a little research, find gift ideas, or you're looking for ways to spend time and connect on a deeper level, we've got something for everyone.

1. Custom Engraved Crystal Photo

Custom Crystal Photo Gift

The first gift on our list is something that your boyfriend can cherish for years to come, a personalized crystal photo engraved with your favorite memory.

The process is simple:

Simply pick your favorite photo, upload it, select a shape, and allow our 3D artists to render and engrave your gift with precision using cutting-edge technology.

Once it's been quality checked for perfection, it'll be sent out to you within 24 hours.

Just in time to celebrate with your boyfriend and add meaning to this wonderful day with a romantic gesture.

Pretty sweet, right?

2. A Cool New T-Shirt

Graphic Tee for Boyfriend

If your significant other is the type that basks in the fun and enjoyment of pop culture and media, DesignByHumans lets you pick cool t-shirts from all types of nerdy categories.

Pick shirts from his favorite TV show, movie, video game, or anime designed by official brands such as Nintendo, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, Magic The Gathering, and more.

It's the perfect opportunity to surprise your guy with his new favorite gift.

3. His Favorite Bottle of Wine

wine and food gift basket

Is your boyfriend an Oenophile?

Snatch his favorite bottle of wine for National Boyfriend Day that'll make for the perfect excuse to have a romantic night in. has a variety of selections you can choose from, including gift baskets that pair with his preferred food or chocolate.

It's literally one of the best gifts you can get if you're partner is a wine lover.

4. A Sleek Electric Razor

Norelco One Blade Electric Shaver

Does your boyfriend have that rugged look and is in desperate need of a clean shave?

Get this sleek-looking Norelco One Blade Electric Razor as his National Boyfriend Day gift.

Not only are you doing yourself a favor, but he'll remember how thoughtful you are every time he goes to shave.

5. 3D Photo Keychain

3D Photo Keychain

This next gift is a great choice, no matter what your partner's interests are.

Grab your favorite photo of you and him together, upload it to, and get your 3d photo crystal keychain shipped within 24 hours. You can choose between heart-shaped or traditional rectangle.

The best part?

Not only does it light up, but he'll have a portable gift that reminds him of you everywhere he goes.

6. Digital Camera for Creating Memories

Digital Camera

Is your boyfriend a shutterbug?

If so, this next gift option is for you.

Get him the latest and greatest memory creator by selecting one of the best digital cameras for 2023.

What an excellent surprise for date night!

7. Take a Romantic Getaway

Romantic Weekend Getaway with Boyfriend

Are you and your boyfriend avid travelers?

Take him on a surprise trip with a romantic getaway. You both can enjoy fun in the sun at a beautiful destination of your choice.

(Perhaps one of his favorites would be in order.)

It doesn't matter if you go far from home or to a neighboring city, so long as you relax and take your mind off of everyday life.

Here are some of the best options for booking:

8. Intelligent Fitness Watch

Fitness watch gift for National Boyfriend Day

Some call them smartwatches, but we say they're a step up in the intellect department.

In any case, grab your partner an intelligent fitness watch like the Fitbit Charge 5.

It allows him to optimize his workout routine, check his heart rate, and make sure he's early to his next appointment all at the same time.

That's pretty intelligent!

9. Custom Photo Wine Stopper

3D photo wine stopper

Yet another gift for wine lovers that tops the list is a unique 3d photo wine stopper.

What the heck is that, you may be asking.

Similar to our other products for making lasting memories, a custom photo wine stopper allows you to upload your favorite photo so that we can engrave it into a 3D crystal.

The result is that you have a unique gift that not only captures one of your favorite memories in time but also doubles as a wine stopper to preserve the bottle from its number one enemy, oxygen, while also preventing spillage.

10. Fun-Filled Art Class

art class with painting

If you're the type of couple who values experiences over things, then maybe a simple night of rest and relaxation is all your boyfriend needs to celebrate his special day.

Attending a fun art class allows you to spend quality time together and have a date night that taps into your creativity.

Whether you're doing an oil painting or some other type of artistry, there are tons of options for these wine & design classes in most cities. You can find them by doing a simple Google search or checking on sites like Facebook Events or

11. Golfing Equipment

TaylorMade Golf Putter

Is your boyfriend an avid golfer?

If he's into this easily obsessable sport, then maybe some nice golfing apparel or a new putter is in order.

One place that you may look for such a gift for National Boyfriend Day is Global Golf.

They have plenty of affordable choices with regular discounts, used equipment, and trade-in options, and they ship internationally.

It's an excellent surprise your partner won't see coming.

12. Bold New Power Tools

Red Power Drill

Does your partner love doing DIY projects, fixing things, or upgrading his home décor?

Then perhaps a new power tool is in order.

DIY guys are constantly obsessing over the latest and greatest tools to streamline their projects and save them precious time.

Help him keep up with a new tool from Tool Nut.

13. Home Brewing Kit

Home Brew Starter Kit from Northern Brewer

Home brewing kits
 are all the rage these days.

If your significant other is looking for a new hobby (perhaps something you can do together), then why not try out a beer brewing starter kit?

This is the perfect gift for the craft beer connoisseur in your life.

14. Fancy Wrist Watch

Wristwatch from

If you're a social couple that likes to dress to impress, getting a shiny new wristwatch may put a smile on your boyfriend's face.

This is especially true if he's the type of guy that's always asking what time it is or running late to dinner.

There are many online marketplaces for stylish watches, but here are our favorites:

Whatever option you choose, your partner will have a snazzy new watch that instills confidence.

15. Cook a Romantic Dinner

Cooking dinner

One thing that you can do for your boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day that doesn't require a whole lot of planning is to cook dinner for him.

Simply gather the ingredients for his favorite meal and cook dinner at home.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that bring us together. After all, the most popular love languages are acts of service and quality time.

This allows you to combine them into one awesome romantic night in. (Score!)

16. Give him a Massage or Backrub

relaxing massage

Speaking of acts of service, you may even opt to give your boyfriend a nice massage to relax his troubles away.

You can either DIY it or take him to the professionals; both are good gift options. In the second scenario, you may even decide to get a couple's massage so you can enjoy the relaxation together.

Either way, he'll have a nice surprise to make his day.

17. Go Hiking or Camping

couple going on a hiking trip

How about taking in the beautiful nature or the great outdoors in your area?

This type of gift is easy enough to plan on short notice.

Even if you're not an avid hiker yourself, but you're boyfriend enjoys it, this can really be the perfect day that'll catch him off guard.

Especially, if you've taken the time to plan everything meticulously, and he just needs to go with the flow.

Give it a try!

18. Personalized Video Highlight Reel

video highlight gift

One of the most uncommon gifts to give your boyfriend is one that can tap into his emotional side.

You can do just that by putting together a video highlight of your favorite memories together. It's a unique way to celebrate that he may not see coming.

Bonus points if you deliver it to him after a romantic dinner date.

19. Throw a Surprise Party

surprise party friends having fun

On a budget? Here's an idea that just takes some organizing and creativity.

Invite your partner's friends over and throw a surprise party for him.

Having a little off cuff gettogether may be exactly what he needs to unwind on his special day.

Alternatively, you can have it at a secret location to add to the spontaneity.

This brings us to our next point...

20. Take Him on a Secret Date

sunset secret date

We've already given you several ideas throughout this article that can add to the "surprise" factor.

The fact is, National boyfriend day is an unofficial holiday, so there's a chance that he won't see it coming.

This gives you ample time to plan ahead for a secret date.

You don't necessarily have to take him to one of the top restaurants in the world. If that's out of the question, you can coordinate something your partner would love.

For example:

    • Plan a weekend away
    • Take him on a wine-tasting tour
    • Go on a surprise hiking trip
    • Participate in a dancing class

Or anything else you can come up with. These are the activities that keep the spark in your relationship.

21. Go on a Shopping Trip

man shopping for clothes

If after the previous twenty ideas, you still can't decide on what to do, there's always a failsafe:

Go on a shopping trip.

This is one of those gifts that can't go wrong. There's always something he needs, right?

Whether it's clothes, a cool new gadget, or just something practical, make your guy the envy of his friends by getting him something shiny and new.

Easy peasy!

Final Thoughts On National Boyfriend Day Gifts

So there you have it: that's everything you need to know about National Boyfriend Day, from history to gift ideas.

We hope we've done our part to help you celebrate in the most memorable of ways.

Speaking of memories, check out our online store to capture the most special moments in time with a 3D photo crystal, or for more cool gift ideas and/or to create the most noteworthy experiences, be sure to check out the 3D Photo Gifts blog.

National Boyfriend Day FAQs

How Do You Celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

Honestly, it really depends on your boyfriend's individual needs and preferences. Here are the common ways to celebrate:

  • Cook his favorite meal
  • Buy him a thoughtful gift (plenty of options above)
  • Plan a fun date
  • Learn something new together

What is the Best National Boyfriend Day Gift?

We may be biased, but here at 3D Photo Gifts, we believe in creating memorable moments and capturing them in time so they'll stand the test of time.

Aside from buying a 3d Photo Crystal, you really just need to cater to the preferences of your boyfriend.

So long as it comes from the heart, you can't go wrong.

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