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3D crystal photo keychain

How to Make Keychains Awesome by Adding Your Own 3D Photo?

Keychains are an essential everyday item you bring with you everywhere. They’re also the perfect medium for expressing your personality, adding flair to your personal belongings, and making each day a little more special. Learn how to make your own 3D photo keychain so that you can take your favorite memory with you everywhere. 

Why a 3D Crystal Photo Makes a Great Keychain Add-On?

When there are so many ways to capture memories and express yourself, why should you consider making a 3D crystal photo keychain? Here are just a few reasons it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

Goes with You Everywhere

Phone, wallet, keys. You bring your keys with you everywhere, making a keychain an essential everyday item. By adding a 3D photo to your keychain, you’re bringing that memory or person with you everywhere you go: work, the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, and the list goes on. 

Showcases Your Favorite Memory

Not only can you enjoy glancing at the photo throughout the day, but so can everyone you come across. You never know what conversations may arise when someone notices the gorgeous 3D crystal photo hanging from your keychain. 

It’s the perfect way to start conversations about the people and moments you most admire, whether it’s your wedding day, a favorite pet who has recently passed, or your kiddo graduating high school. 

Complements Your Other Keychain Trinkets

If you’re kind of a keychain geek, you already have a few trinkets attached to your keychain. Add a 3D photo to embellish your collection and include another gem to your everyday routine. Nothing will be better than having an image of your favorite person hanging around your other interests. 

Lasts a Long Time

Our product is designed to last a lifetime or longer, as opposed to traditional photos printed out or saved on your phone. We use top-rated K-9 crystal blocks and HD lasers to create a crystal photo that’s not only beautiful but also durable. Our product will be able to outlive all the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life as part of your keychain. 

How to Make a 3D Photo Keychain?

Choose the Best Size

When ordering your 3D crystal photo, you’ll need to ensure you get the optimal size for your keychain. If the photo is too large or heavy, it will weigh down the keychain and look tacky. If it’s too small, it may be difficult to attach or lack the detail you want. 

If you’re not sure which size to buy, we recommend ordering our Personalized 3D Crystal Heart Engraved Light Up Key Chain. We size the photo and crystal for you and pre-attach the ring and chain needed to add it to your keychain. 

Attach a Key Ring

In order to make a 3D photo crystal photo keychain yourself from a standard piece, you’ll need to purchase and assemble the required parts for the key ring. You’ll need the following items to complete the keychain: 

  • The 3D crystal photo
  • A clasp
  • A chain
  • A key ring 

Attach the clasp to the crystal photo using hot glue or another strong adhesive, ensuring the clasp is at the top of the photo. Now attach the chain to the clasp, and attach the ring to the other end of the chain. 

Once you have constructed the trinket, it’s ready to be included on your keychain alongside your other favorite decorations! 

Order From Us Instead

Let’s be honest, creating your own 3D photo keychain is a hassle. That’s why we offer a high-quality keychain on our website, ready to include on your keychain right away. Order today and rest easy knowing your product will be completed and shipped within 24 hours! 

3D crystal photo
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