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3D crystal photo

6 Ways You'll Impress Your Loved One with a 3D Crystal Photo

Are you looking for a way to impress your loved ones and express your deepest feelings for them? A 3D crystal photo is an amazing memento you can give them, featuring impeccable detail and everlasting quality. Here are a few reasons to consider this gift for your loved one—and why they’ll love it!




3D crystal photos make for a unique gift your loved one won’t find elsewhere. In addition to their customizability, the concept they embody outshines any other gift you could offer: the ability to keep a memory with you forever in incredible detail. 

You now have six great reasons to give your loved one a 3D crystal photo for your next special occasion. These beautiful, unique, and sentimental gifts are sure to wow them and keep you at the forefront of their mind. Send your favorite picture to 3D Photo Gifts today to have it ingrained into a gorgeous crystal for your loved one.




At 3D Photo Gifts, we offer a range of options for your 3D crystal photo. All three-dimensional.

We offer a heart-shaped necklace so your loved one can wear it around their neck every day as a reminder of your love. Additionally, you can order the 3D crystal photo in a number of crystal shapes: heart, rectangle, sphere, diamond, and tower. You can even get it on a keychain so you can bring it with you everywhere.

Finally, you can choose from a variety of upgrades. These include two bases to choose from, a 3D backdrop, expedited processing, text engraving, and a metal gift note. You know your loved one best, so it’s important that you have as many options as possible at your fingertips.

The variety of products we offer ensures that your loved ones can keep their memento with them wherever they go and anywhere they frequent. How thoughtful!


Better than a Photo in a Picture Frame


For this and other reasons, 3D photo crystals are a surer bet than regular photos. A typical photograph—whether printed out or kept on your phone—is subject to deterioration or corruption. This means a flood, exposure to sunlight, or a virus on your phone could destroy your most precious photos.

Another reason to choose 3D photo crystals is that they offer even greater detail and realism than a typical photograph. Rather than a flat image, our technique creates a three-dimensional version of the photo that better captures the memory. Our talented and experienced artists do what they do best every single day to ensure the best possible product.


Impressive Detailing


We design 3D photo crystals by employing specialized high-definition lasers to imprint a detailed image into a piece of crystal. The lasers form tiny chips on the crystal’s surface that create an image with impressive detail. This high level of detail will keep your loved one’s favorite memory fresh for a long time to come, bringing it to life whenever they have the time to sit and admire it. 


Capture the Moment


A 3D crystal photo makes the perfect gift for commemorating any special occasion, from your wedding day to your child’s graduation ceremony. It captures any photographed moment in time with intense clarity and realism, making it a great way to show your appreciation and sentimentality for that particular moment. What could be more endearing? 


Long Lasting


You can present a 3D crystal photo to your loved one with the knowledge that your gift will last a lifetime or longer. The high-quality K-9 crystal we use is strong, and the lasered image is there to stay. We use only the best materials and processes, every time. You and your loved one can enjoy admiring your favorite memory every day for the rest of your lives. 

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