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17 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Cheer Someone Up (Tangible & Intangible)

17 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Cheer Someone Up (Tangible & Intangible)

personal presenting a cheery gift box

Looking for gifts to cheer someone up? Hey, we've all been there: Feeling blue, down in the dumps, melancholy, or dispirited. Whether you're grieving over the
loss of a loved one, feeling lonely or broken-hearted, suffering from illness or injury, or just dealing with plain old anxiety, it can be tough to deal with.

If you've got a friend or family member going through this, sometimes it helps to come to their rescue by being a good friend or relative who can encourage them or cheer them up.

How can you do this? Well, this list of gifts to cheer someone up might help. Sometimes a simple gesture of a gift is all you need to cheer someone up (it doesn't even need to be tangible).

Let's take a look...

What Makes a Good "Cheer Up" Gift?

Cheer-up gifts need to involve some level of thoughtfulness. It's not just about a temporary solution that will fade away with time.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of someone who's feeling down. Sometimes all they need is their best friend to swing by with a positive message or some words of encouragement. Other times, the ideal gift is a personalized note with a sweet message inside. In some cases, they may just be in need of some tough love to motivate them.


According to WebMD, 62% of shoppers buy something to cheer themselves up, so cheer-up gifts may be a good place to start. More often than not, it will help to uplift their spirits and get them back on the path to happiness.

With that out of the way, let's dive right into what kind of gifts to cheer someone up will have a positive effect on someone's well-being.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Going Through Tough Times

Let's start with a list of personalized gifts to cheer someone up; here are some of our favorites.

1. The Perfect Gift: A 3D Crystal Photo

3d photo crystal cheer up gifts

Why is a 3D Crystal photo such a thoughtful gift that'll brighten someone's day? There are a few reasons for this:

  • They're personalized, so you can create any unique message that'll cheer someone up
  • They make use of any personal photo to remind them of a happy time in their life.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes (including heart-shaped) to show you care.

    Learn how our process works here.

    Just be careful. If someone just recently went through a bad breakup or lost a loved one, they may not need something to constantly remind them of that. On the other hand, it may be exactly what they need. Only you will understand that person's needs based on your relationship with them.

    There are four types of 3D Photo Gifts to choose from:


    1.  3D Crystal Photo Display. Our 3D crystal photo displays come in different shapes, including HeartsRectanglesTowers, and Spears. One of the best personalized unique gift ideas to bring your loved one's spirits up.

    2.  3D Photo (light-up) Necklace. The 3D Photo Necklace uses the same cutting-edge technology as our original photo crystal, only it's more mobile and compact, and you can wear it everywhere you go to keep your fond memories front of mind.

    3.  Crystal Photo Keychain. Need something that never leaves your side and is more affordable? Check out our crystal keychain collection. This light-up rendition of our product line looks perfect from every angle.

    4.  Crystal Photo Wine Stopper. For the wine lover in your life, this small wine stopper comes equipped with smiles every time you pop the cork. All you have to do is pick the crystal and base shape, send us a photo and a personalized message, and we'll take care of the rest!

      2. Personalized You're Gonna Do Great Book (You Fill in the Love)

      Personalized You're Gonna Do Great Book

      This personalized gift of encouragement is meant to uplift someone's spirits and inspire them to take on the world with an err of positivity.

      It comes with over fifty fill-in-the-blank prompts that will brighten up their day and improve their mental health. For example, "If you were a Superhero, you'd be ________________________."

      This is your time to shine. Help deliver one of the best gifts to cheer someone up by being as sweet, supportive, or humorous as you want.

      3. Customized Teddy Bear


      Custom teddy bear gifts to cheer someone up


      There's no better cheer-up gift than a Teddy Bear. It's stood the test of time. This gift has been making people feel better for over 
      120 years.

      You can include them in a care package, deliver them to friends who are going through a tough time or use them as presents for many different occasions.

      No matter the situation, they always make for a great gift. But you know what makes for an even better gift?

      A stuffed animal that's customized to your gift recipient.

      With this personalized gift, you can boost the mood of your friend or relative in no time flat by adding custom art, messages, images, or any combination of them to make a truly unique gift.

      4. Reasons Why You Are Amazing (Personalized Gift Box)

      cheer up gift box

      These are like positive affirmation cards, only instead of handwritten notes, they're made of cute little wooden hearts. They come in sets of 10 to 50 that are included in either a box or a bag to store them.

      In any case, if you've got friends or loved ones who are feeling down, these small reminders of why they are amazing are enough to show them how much you care.

      The best part?

      You can add your own unique messages to each handmade heart.

      5. Shutterfly Simply Modern Photo Book

      personalized photo book with pictures

      Yet another custom gift that's sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face is this Simply Modern Photo Book from Shutterfly.

      Customize it by adding your own variety of personal photos to jar up memorable moments from years past. Think of it as a time vault of sorts.

      When we go through all the business and chaos that life throws at us, it's nice to reminisce about the happy times every once in a while.

      This thoughtful gift is sure to evoke positive emotions in your friend or family member.

      More Sentimental Gifts to Cheer Someone Up (When They're Feeling Down)

      Do your gifts need to be custom? Not necessarily, it helps put a personal touch on things, but there are plenty of sentimental gifts that accomplish the same thing and will make anyone's day.

      Let's explore a few!

      6. Crystal Obsidian Wishing Stone

      Obsidian Crystal Stone

      Obsidian is a crystal stone that's most known for its healing properties to improve your body, mind, and soul while protecting you from negative energy.

      What better gift can you get for a friend going through a tough time?

      Even if they don't believe in spirituality, it can act as a lucky charm or positive
      psychological anchor, which has been proven to boost their mood.

      What are its uses? Here are a few:

      • Reduces Stress (and helps you feel grounded)
      • Good for mindfulness and meditation
      • Acts as a reminder that people care about you

      Not bad for a wishing stone!

      7. Feel Better Encouragement Candles

      funny encouragement candles to cheer someone up

      Sometimes all someone needs to do to feel better is practice a little self-care.

      This unique gift in the form of an encouragement candle can help with that. These vanilla-scented candles smell great and are known to help with anxiety, depression, and stress.

      The humorous saying on the candle holder will cheer your friend up and will allow you both to have a good laugh which is why they make for unique gifts.

      8. Maybe Swearing Will Help Adult Coloring Book

      maybe swearing will help coloring book

      If you need a good laugh or some well-deserved self-care (in the form of foul-mouthed therapy), this is the ideal gift for you.

      Color your stress away with this coloring book that'll remind you that life's not that serious. It includes 30 fine-tip markers and an adult coloring book set that comes equipped with illustrations of cute animals, plants, and patterns with large print quotes and funny sayings.

      A perfect humorous care package for stress relief!

      9. CRAVEBOX Care Package

      CRAVEBOX sweet and savory care package

      Speaking of care packages, this CRAVEBOX is the next gift on our list of awesome gifts to cheer someone up.


      Well, who doesn't love a mix of quality sweet, savory, and healthy snacks?

      In fact, research shows that 
      75% percent of all our eating is emotionally driven. And that's just fine, so long as you don't get carried away.

      a little indulgence in decadent and healthy snacks is sometimes all you need for a proper emotional rebound.

      10. Positive Affirmation Cards

      Positive affirmation & mindfulness cards

      This is one of the best gifts you can get to lift your spirits. It's simplistic and will provide encouragement. That's because 
      affirmations have been proven again and again to actually work.

      This, in turn, creates confidence and positive reinforcement about one's own self-worth.

      The beauty of these cards is that, well, they're beautiful. The aesthetically pleasing design combined with the positivity creates a perfect recipe for belief and relaxation.

      Use them to practice mindfulness and bring a smile to your friend or relative's face.

      11. Homesick Candle

      Homesick Florida Candle

      If you have a friend who's down in the dumps because they're yearning for familiarity, this is the gift for you!

      Homesick has a huge selection of scented candles made from a natural soy wax blend that will remind you of where ever you originate from.

      You can 
      shop by location and search for your city, state, or country candles that give off a scent that reminds you of home.

      Starting a new adventure? Try the "New Home" candle. They've got an option for everything.

      12. At-Home Spa Kit

      at-home spa kit

      A little rest and relaxation are always good for the soul. One of the leading causes of depression and anxiety is 

      Although burnout is typically work-related, it doesn't necessarily have to be. If you're doing too much or feeling overwhelmed, it's time to practice some self-care.

      Start with this Spa Kit made from all-natural ingredients designed for relaxation at home. Here's what's included:

      • Lavender Natural Soap Bar
      • Cosmetic Bag
      • Lavender Scrub
      • Lavender Body Oil
      • Shower steamer Mist
      • Natural Lip Balm
      • Facial Clay mask
      • Scented Candle
      • Soap saver sponge

      All that's left to do is add you're own unique uplifting message, and you're ready to go!

      Intangible Gifts to Bring Their Spirits Up

      Does your gift have to be a physical gift of monetary value to make someone feel better? Of course not! More often than not, when someone needs some cheering up, it's because they're lonely or hurt (physically or emotionally) and in need of some healing.

      Here are a few ways in which you can help with that (without hurting your wallet)...

      13. Quality Time

      Most of the time, when someone's going through hard times, it's emotional in nature. Whatever pain they may be going through at the moment, the best gifts to cheer someone up is the gift of quality time.

      They just need someone to accompany them to reassure them that everything's going to be okay and that, like everything else in life, this too will pass with time.


      Keeping them company and giving them some of your time can go a long way toward their emotional recovery.

      14. Active Listening

      Everyone wants to be heard, and nobody wants to be ignored.

      Whether it's to vent, seek advice, or just air out their feelings, lending a listening ear can do wonders for their self-esteem.

      Engaging in active listening can provide clarity and stress relief.

      Give it a try!

      15. Watch a Movie

      Laughter is the best medicine. Getting lost in a comedy or feel-good happy film is a great way to forget or diminish feelings of negativity. And if you're there for uplifting cheery vibes anyway, what not help your friend destress with a good movie pick?

      16. Go for a Walk

      Oftentimes, when someone is feeling blue, they tend to isolate themselves at home and confine themselves indoors.

      This isn't the best for their mental health. Be the good friend that you are and aid them in an intimate "walk and talk." They'll thank you later!

      17. Write a Heartfelt Note

      Have you been emotionally supporting your loved ones while witnessing them going through the ups and downs of life?

      Sometimes all someone needs is a little encouragement.

      That's where writing some positive and reassuring words come in handy with a heartfelt note.

      Don't know what to write?

      Keep it simple: detail all the things you appreciate the most and put genuine compassion behind your words. It can make a world of difference in someone's life.

      Final Thoughts: How to Inspire a Friend With Uplifting Thoughts (or a Meaningful Gift)

      We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and find it useful in your search for the most meaningful gifts to cheer someone up.

      There's been a lot of troubling times going on in the past few years. The news is always rattling off some new horror story to be on the lookout for. It's not always sunshine and rainbows for everyone. For those dealing with emotional pain, a caring surprise gift or a listening ear may be all they need to bounce back.

      For memorable gifts for any occasion, check out the 3D Photo Gifts 
      online store or visit our blog for more ideas.

      Sentimental Gift FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About How to Cheer Someone Up

      What Can I Give Someone Who's Going Through a Tough Time?

      Depending on what kind of situation they may be going through, they may need a reminder of good times and happy memories. The best way to do that is with a thoughtful gift or some quality time.

      The above list of surprise gifts is a good place to start if you're looking to uplift their spirits.

      How Do You Help Someone Through a Breakup?

      The best way is to be there for them, lend them your ear, and practice active listening. Typically, there's an anger period after a breakup, and they may just need to vent their frustrations to a friend to help them get over it.

      Check the above list to see if any cute or funny gifts might help them through it. Otherwise, help them by being there when they need you.

      Eventually, time heals all.

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