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18 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts for 2023

18 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts for 2023

newlyweds cutting wedding cake

Finding the best personalized wedding gifts is all the rage these days.


Well, customization helps distinguish your gift from just cherry-picking something from their registry or wish list.

Also, it helps to avoid duplicate gifts while also giving the special couple something to remind them of the day they said: "I do!"

So if you're seeking the perfect wedding gift for your favorite couple of (soon-to-be) newlyweds, don't worry; we've got you covered.

Below you'll find a list of unique personalized wedding gifts that have been specially engraved, embossed, or printed that provides something to commemorate the wedding date for years to come.

So, without further ado, let's get this (wedding) party started!

Why is a Customized Wedding Gift the Best for 2023?

Before we get into our top personalized wedding gifts for 2023, let's shed some light on why getting a customized wedding gift is the really best option.

Think about it:

A couple's wedding day is a special occasion. And when we say special, we mean really and truly special.

It's a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. A time when you've found "the one" and can look forward to building your whole life together.

Do you really want to blend in with a sea of generic wedding gifts and wedding favors? Or do you want to stand out amongst the crowd?

There are many reasons why getting a unique personalized wedding gift is better than buying from the registry; here are just a few:

  • Avoid duplicate gifts
  • Build a personal connection with the recipient(s)
  • Commemorate the wedding date with a memorable gift

With this in mind, let's move forward with the best personalized wedding gifts for 2023.

Engraved Wedding Gift Ideas for the Lovely Couple

One of the best ways to personalize a wedding gift is by engraving an item(s) that will help to cherish the memory of the wedding date for years to come. Here are a few items that can help you do just that!

1. 3D Crystal Photo Gift

photo of wedding couple inside 3d crystal gift

We may be biased, but we think that a uniquely engraved photo perfectly etched inside a beautiful crystal is one of the most ideal personalized wedding gifts. That's because it's memorable and won't go unnoticed. Not only that, but it's a perfect replacement for the same ol' picture frame gift, only elevated.

how it works:

First, choose from one of the following shapes:

Once you pick your shape, simply upload a photo of the happy couple.

Then our talented 3D photo artists will render, engrave, and QA or quality check your 3D photo crystal before the final delivery of your thoughtful wedding gift with plenty of time to spare before the wedding day.

2. 3D Crystal Photo Keychain

wedding couple photo etched into a heart-shaped crystal keychain

Need something more affordable for that wedding couple you haven't seen in a gazillion years?

Not to worry, we've got you covered.

How about a portable wedding gift that travels with the happy couple everywhere they go?

That's the benefit of a 
crystal photo keychain.

It's small and compact and can stir up memories of joy each and every day.

Same process. Lower price.

3. 3D Crystal Photo Wine Stopper

3d crystal wine stopper wedding gift displaying wedding photo


What kind of personalized gifts do you get for the soon-to-be-married couple with an infatuation with wine?

Well, a 3D photo wine stopper, of course!

One of the best wedding gift ideas for the oenophile in your life.

4. Custom Etched Wedding Cheers Wine Bottle

wedding cheers customized wine bottle

Are 3D photo gifts the only personalized wedding gift that comes with custom engraving?

Of course not!

There are plenty of other laser-engraved gifts that the lucky couple can treasure forever.

For example, this custom-engraved wine from Manos Wine with custom text makes one of the best wedding gifts. It also happens to couple perfectly with the previously mentioned 
3D photo wine stopper.

This bottle of wine isn't just a great gift because it's a personalized wedding gift. The wine itself is a handcrafted California Reserve that's full-bodied and has a smooth finish.

After the wedding couple enters married life, they can cherish the hand-painted bottle as a keepsake until they're old and gray.

Talk about value for money!

5. Custom Engraved Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes

personalized champagne flutes with wedding date

Looking for a memorable personalized wedding gift that'll remind them of their special day for years to come?

These personalized champagne flutes that can double as wine glasses are a pretty sweet gift!

Not only is it an excellent keepsake but these custom Mr. and Mrs. wedding gifts can be used as part of the ceremony when they make their first toast as Bride and Groom.

It's a must-have for anyone in the bridal party or just close to the wedding couple.

More of the Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for 2023

The ability to add custom engraving isn't the only way to snag unique personalized wedding gifts on the market. Here are more options to make your custom gift stand out!

6. Custom Wine Labels

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

If that's the case, then these custom wine labels speak volumes.

This 20-pack of unique wine labels gives you the ability to upload your photo, add a heartfelt message, and give them to our happy couple on their special day.

Not only are they the perfect personalized wedding gifts, but they also make excellent wedding favors for bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Just throw it on their favorite bottle of wine and hand deliver it for a personal touch.

7. Personalized Cutting Board

couple holding engraved cutting board engraved with wedding date and names

Looking for something special for the couple that loves to cook together?

We've got you covered!

This custom cutting board is personalized and engraved with the couple's names and their wedding date.

The best part is that they'll have a memorable gift that makes them feel at home and reminds them of you every time they use it.

Bonus points if you throw in a recipe book for good measure.

8. Cozy Italian Cashmere Blanket

custom cashmere wedding blanket

When it comes to comfort, this cozy blanket does the trick!

Made from a luxurious Italian lambs wool cashmere blend, this incredibly soft blanket is embroidered with a monogram and is perfect for cuddling. Great for those cold or intimate nights at home.

It's also a great decorative gift that adds to their home décor by placing something interesting in the common area for a great conversation piece.

9. Custom Embroidered Framed Wedding Invitation Keepsake

personalized embroidered wedding invitation

Giving the wedding couple their own wedding invite framed with a custom embroidered design to match is an everlasting gift.

It makes for excellent home decor and will stand out on their photo wall as a reminder of when they first entered married life.

It comes with its own picture frame and will need a bit of time to complete prior to the wedding date. Be sure to keep that in mind by planning ahead for this beautiful keepsake.

This is one of our favorite personalized gifts, as it's a thoughtful gesture that comes from the heart.

10. World Wide Adventure Travel Map

personalized worldwide adventure travel map

Does the wedding couple have a passion for global travel?

This worldwide adventure map for travel couples is one of the top personalized wedding gifts for those who enjoy venturing into lands unknown.

The vintage-inspired push pin map includes complimentary personalization, comes in three sizes, and has framed and unframed options.

Not only does this decorative travel map come with 100 push pins to keep track of travels, but it also doubles as home décor and makes for an exciting conversation piece.

This is a fun gift for the couple that has plans of visiting the four corners of the globe, one country at a time.

11. Heart-Shaped Photo Puzzle

personalized heart-shaped photo puzzle wedding gift

There are many heart-shaped gifts available today, but this puzzle is perfect for illustrating a sweet photo of the wedding couple that includes their names.

There are a few different sizes to choose from. Whether it's used for decoration or entertainment, this unique wedding gift is an excellent choice for the lovebirds to experience for a game night or some alone time at home.

It's a pretty cute choice as far as personalized wedding gifts are concerned.

12. Customized Clock With Wedding Date

custom wedding clock with names and anniversary date

This personalized clock is one of the most customizable wedding gifts you can get.

You can inscribe a personal message of up to 8 lines of text, giving you plenty of options. You can choose to include the wedding date, the names of the wedding party as a gift to the bride and groom, a meaningful quote, or any of a number of other custom details.

It's a great symbol of love to show that as time passes, their love will grow stronger, which is a much-needed upgrade from traditional wedding gifts like a serving tray, toaster, or picture frame.

13. Custom Wooden Coasters

personalized wooden coasters

These unique personal monogrammed beech wood coasters are one of the best-personalized wedding gifts for the groom.


Not only are they custom designed with precision cuts and have a beautiful aesthetic, but they also act as a barrier between ice-cold beverages and furniture surfaces.

They include the happy couple's initials, names, and anniversary date and are built to protect the furniture from any marks, nicks, or spills.

They also make an excellent bachelor party gift if you don't want to wait until the wedding and put them to good use immediately.

14. Framed Song Lyrics

framed song lyrics

Every romantic couple has a song that becomes "our song." Whether it was a memory that connects them or the first dance at their wedding, sometimes they are one and the same.

In any case, if you're one of their favorite people and happen to be close enough to them to be privy to this insider information, this is the perfect personalized gift.

Simply select the song, get this artistic print with the song lyrics, finish off with a frame, and Voila! You've got the perfect wedding gift!

15. Custom Four Across Game

custom four across game with pieces

Let’s say the couple is a big believer in game night or just has a healthy competition with one another. In that case, this personalized rendition of Connect Four is an excellent choice for the ultimate wedding date gift.

The Four Across game includes the couple's names and wedding anniversary as opposed to the traditional circular slots. The rest are cute little loving hearts to reflect their feelings.

The game can be completely customized not just with the text, but the wood color and chip colors can be uniquely chosen as well.

16. Personalized Wedding Frame for Parents

custom wedding gift for parents with photo and quote

A wedding day isn't just a joyous occasion for the beautiful duo who are about to embark upon their journey as a married couple.

It also denotes a huge milestone and momentous occasion for the parents of the bride and groom.

Watching your child get married also signifies an essential moment in a parent's life.

It's the time when they recognize, "Okay, I've done my job, guided them through the ups and downs, and they can take it from here." It'll take them through an emotional rollercoaster of sadness, happiness, anxiousness, and reminiscence.

To mark this occasion, gifting them this personalized wedding gift for parents that showcases your adoration for all they've done is the least one can do. It shows you care and acts as a giant "Thank You for everything!"

Customize it with your font of choice, your wedding date, and the names of the bride and groom.

Wanna kick it up a notch? Opt for a 
3D Photo Crystal that captures the moment with a more personal touch.

17. Personalized Wedding Frame for Dad

personalized wedding frame to father from daughter

Since it is customary to give gifts to the wedding party, including the parents, you may also want to check out this custom wedding frame for dad from the bride.

This gift for Father shows that the walk down the aisle was just as emotional for you as it was for him. Send him this frame with a picture of you and him dancing or taking that favorite walk.

It's certainly one of the best-personalized wedding gifts, and he'll treasure it for years to come!


Because memories make the best gifts.

18. Personalized Wedding Frame for Mom

custom wedding frame gift for mom from son

By the same token, don't leave Mom out on wedding day.

This personalized wedding frame for Mother from son carries with it a lot of emotional weight.

It allows you to put into words your thoughts and feelings over the years and shows her that you're ready to take the journey of life with your newfound love without hurting your relationship with your first love, the woman who raised you.

Final Thoughts about Custom Wedding Gifts

Celebrating this significant moment in one's life shouldn't be reduced to just any wedding gift. In modern times, personalized wedding gifts should be the new standard.

Entering married life is a moment that one will never forget. Be sure to capture that by selecting something truly special from our list of custom wedding gifts that'll last a lifetime.


Because at 3D Photo Gifts, we know a thing or two about creating memories. Check out our products to make your own, or visit the 3D Photo Gifts Blog for more guidance into the art and science of memorable gifts.

Personalized Wedding Gifts FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you still figuring out this whole personalized wedding gifts thing?

Not to worry, here are the answers to the most common questions about custom wedding gifts in 2023.

Why Are Personalized Wedding Gifts So Popular in 2023?

If you're a traditionalist, you may be wondering why there is a need for personalized gifts in 2023. The simple reason is that the art of gift-giving has evolved in recent years.

While wedding couples and gift recipients still cherish traditional gifts, a personalized or custom gift illustrates the thought and effort you put into their gift while strengthening your personal bond with the recipient(s).

In other words, it symbolizes the special connection you have with them and shows how much you care.

If a personalized wedding gift isn't your cup of tea, you may opt to give them cash instead to help them build their new life as they plot a new path as a married couple.

What Is the Best Gift for a Wedding Couple?

While the "best" wedding gifts are dependent on the couple who is receiving them, there are a few options that tend to go over well.

Since a wedding gift helps the newlyweds to build a future together and signifies an important date that they'll remember forever, anything that helps them do either makes for an excellent gift.

Any personalized wedding gifts that help commemorate the date and act as a keepsake, and/or have an element of practicality make great gifts for the wedding couple.

Cash is also a good option since it helps them build their new life together.

Start here or pick an option from the list above for some wedding gift ideas that'll serve you well.

How Much Should I Spend on a Wedding Gift as a Couple?

The average wedding gift in 2023 is around $100. You can increase or decrease that amount depending on your relationship with the wedding couple. The closer you are to them, the more you should spend (assuming there's room in your budget). This can be as much as $150 per guest or $200+ per couple.

The reality is that there's no obligation or mandate that says how much one should spend for their wedding gift. So, just do what you can afford and what you think is right given your relationship with the soonlyweds.

So long as you don't show up empty-handed, it really is a personal decision.

Is It Rude to Not Give Money at a Wedding?

No, not at all.

It really depends on the goals of the couple entering married life. See, it used to be that couples waited to get married before moving in together, having kids, and embarking on worldwide adventures together.

The operative phrase is "used to be."

In 2023, people live together before marriage, and the goals after marriage are completely dynamic depending on the couple.

So, if their goal is to go backpacking through Europe after marriage, then they don't really need "stuff," and cash may be more appropriate. However, if they're saving for a house and don't have a fully stocked residence, then some combination of cash and gifts may be appropriate.

They are usually clues as to what works best. For example, if they don't have a gift registry but have made available methods for cash payment, that's a dead giveaway. If you genuinely want to know, you can find out the old-fashioned way and ask them directly.

In any case, it's not necessary to give cash as a wedding gift, and it's certainly considered rude not to.

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