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15 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Family (+ Benefits)11 Creative & Unique Photo Wall Ideas Without Frames - copy

15 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Family (+ Benefits)11 Creative & Unique Photo Wall Ideas Without Frames - copy

15 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Family (+ Benefits)

With all the busyness of your work schedule, business meetings, and deadlines, after a while, it can start feeling like you're simply going through the motions. And in the constant fight to get ahead of the competition, the first thing that takes a hit is:

Your family!

The stats speak for themselves:

  • 37.6% of all marriages in the US end in divorce.

  • Roughly one in two children will see their parents' marriage breakup

  • 21% of children in America are being raised without their fathers.

And one of the biggest reasons why that's happening is that people today don't think much about family time. Spending time with family shouldn't take a backseat in a functional family relationship.

For a happy life, quality time with family members is just as important as providing for them.

And there are plenty of fun and entertaining things you can do when it comes to spending time with a family member. We'll give you some pointers in this article.

10 Remarkable Benefits of Family Quality Time

Spending some family time is not without its benefits. Research shows that a person who spends time with family regularly functions better under pressure and is also motivated to achieve more in their career. These people are also generally happier in their personal life.

Let's take a look at the ten amazing benefits of spending time with your family that we've put together.

1. Strengthen Family Bonding & Togetherness

family bonds.jpg__PID:0e11888a-b957-4229-9c95-bc4eaf346df9

Spending time with family leads to a stronger connection among all family members. You don't need to indulge in expensive family tours or camping trips to bring everyone together.

Basic things like game night, movie night, or a backyard barbeque are often enough to improve familial ties among members.

2. Improve Communication

Family time also improves communication.

Not only will your spouse feel comfortable talking with you about everything in his/her life, but your children will also develop better communication skills if you spend more quality time with your family.

3. Reduce Stress

Between long job hours and meeting absurd deadlines, your life can get pretty stressful.

And a good way to get rid of the stress in your work life is by spending time with your loved ones. Regular family time can lead to reduced stress levels and better stress management capacity in individuals.

4. Encourage Optimism & Positivity

If you don't spend time together, the environment at home can become pretty grim. Remember, everyone has different pressures to deal with at a job, at home, or at school.

When a family spends time together, it can bring optimism and positive energy into the mix, making life a lot easier for the family members.

5. Improves Relationships (And Development)

family time for couples.jpg__PID:29dc95bc-4eaf-446d-b9ba-a859e90ffec1

If you spend time at home with your family, it will lead to better relationships among all its members.

What happens when everyone spends time together is:

  • Siblings will share a stronger bond

  • The spark between spouses reignites

  • And children grow up to become closer to their parents

6. Improves Cognitive Function

Another big benefit of spending time at home is that it improves the cognitive function and mental health of everyone involved.

Time spent together with the family is time spent away from social media or other distractions. Not to mention, it boosts self-esteem.

7. Creates Timeless Memories

You can't stop the flow of time. Your kids will grow up one day, and you and your spouse will grow old.

But the lifelong memories you create spending quality time with your family will stay with you forever. Even decades later, when you go through old photo albums, the memories will feel fresh.

You can even get a timeless 3D Photo to capture those special moments!

8. Boosts Self-Confidence

When you spend time in a loving environment with your family members, it can have a massive impact on your self-esteem.

Loving words of encouragement from your spouse and children affect the human psyche in a positive way. You will be more confident and assertive, which will further improve your job performance and work life.

9. Helps Academic Performance of Children

It's a known fact that the academic performance of children is reflective of their home condition.

And when the child comes from a family that's distant, they have poor academic performance. Kids with a supportive family background have better problem-solving skills and concentration.

10. Lowers Risk of Behavioral Problems

As a child steps into his teenage years, it's natural for him to go through a behavioral shift. He becomes rebellious and less open about his troubles.

That's why quality family time with a non-judgmental attitude toward your children helps them open up about their issues in a safe, friendly environment.

How to Spend Time With Family (15 Fun-Filled Activities)

There are literally a thousand and one ways to spend quality time with your family. And if you want to really connect with them, you need to take action. Here are a couple of helpful suggestions if you don't know where to begin.

1. Enjoy a Meal Together

The family that eats together stays together.

And while that might seem like a cliché, we can show you the numbers to support it.

If you have a day job, we understand that it might be hard for you to find time to have lunch with your family. But that doesn't mean you can't have dinner with them.

Having regular meals at home is the simplest way to spend time with family.

2. Go for a Run (Or Walk)

Morning jogs or post-dinner workouts are great ways to improve your physical health.

But what if you can make it a way to spend time with your family?

Idea: The next time you plan on going for a run or walk, take your kids and your partner with you.

This way, you'll be able to enjoy some fresh air together. It'll also give you a chance to talk about things that you wouldn't normally talk about over dinner.

3. Have a Family Game Night

There are hundreds of games that you can make a part of your family time.

Games like charades, pictionary, or scrabble after dinner can help bring your family closer together and create some pleasant memories.

Playing games or watching movies with friends reduces stress and improves the mental health of everyone involved.

4. Try Out a New Hobby

find a family hobby.jpg__PID:c4fcdd54-1857-4184-a115-fbf047640903

Family time can become more exciting when you're learning a new hobby together.

Whether it's gardening, painting, photography, music, or any other form of arts and crafts, doing it with your partner or children can be extremely rewarding.

For example, you can take up gardening, and your children can help you water the plants while your spouse helps out preparing the soil. The purpose here is to pick something that you all enjoy and do things together.

5. Go On a Family Trip

Going on a family retreat is one of the best ways to forget about your crazy work schedule. It doesn't mean that you need to plan expensive trips all the time, though.

A one-day camping trip or a day at the beach can be a fun way to create lifelong memories with your family. And when you can manage to take time off work for a couple of days, planning a bigger trip with your family is always a great idea.

You can take it even a step further by getting a 3D photo of your family trip!

6. Have a Family Chore Day

For most working couples, weekends are for chores (we've all been there).

Typically, a working couple takes the weekend to take care of business around the household. And that can get pretty boring. But turning it into a fun event can be a great way of spending time with family.

Get your children to lend a helping hand when you're doing chores like cleaning up a room or working on the front lawn. It will help you catch up with their day-t0-day.

And who knows? You might even help your kids pick up some life skills at the same time.

7. Help the Kids With Their Homework

When you have a family to provide for, it can be easy to forget about how tough school can be for your children. So, whenever you get the chance, we always recommend helping your kids with their homework.

Not only will it allow you to see how they are doing in their academic life, but you'll also be able to show them that you have their back whenever they need it.

8. Celebrate Special Occasions

A nice way to spend some time with your family is to celebrate all the special occasions together. Yes, celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving is nice and all, but don't forget to commemorate days like anniversaries, birthdays, or even Valentine's Day with your partner and your children.

P.S.: Never forget birthdays and anniversaries!

9. Spread Some Goodwill (Volunteer)

It's important to introduce kids to the value of helping others from an early age. So, helping out at a local animal shelter or nursing home with your whole family will allow you to spend time together and also bring a positive vibe into your family.

These activities will help your children learn empathy and gratitude for what they have.

10. Visit Relatives

Family relationships are important, and no, we don't just mean your wife and children. Don't hesitate to take your family out to visit your relatives over the weekends and help them get in touch with your extended family.

This will develop family values in your children and strengthen their bond with all their relatives.

11. Create a Family Group Chat

In the age of social media, creating a family group chat is a simple yet often-ignored way to communicate with your family. Share jokes, stories, and any updates you have in the group chat, and they will be able to do the same.

This will automatically create a constant line of communication between you and every other member of your family at no additional effort on your side.

12. Discuss Your Family History

family history.jpg__PID:e1846115-fbf0-4764-8903-d9acb20ec2b2

A great way to bond with your family is to share stories!

Stories like how you (the parents) met and how you came to be the person you are today can be fascinating for children. It can be an excellent learning opportunity for them as well.

And you could even bring up funny stories from your childhood.

You can turn it into a nostalgic and entertaining family activity.

13. Complete a DIY Project

If you're a hobbyist or simply like tinkering with DIY projects, then it's a good idea to get your partner or children involved in your passion.

But be patient!

You can't expect them to be on the same skill level as you.

So, as a baseline, start with a simple DIY project. Help them out with instructions, and complete the project together. It'll give you a chance to introduce your family members to something that excites you and also give them a sense of independence.

14. Plan a Family Barbeque

If you have a backyard, go for a family barbecue. Invite a couple of friends or your extended family over for lunch and have a day out together. A barbeque party can help your kids get to know their whole family and grow up understanding the importance of family.

15. Play a Sport Together

play a sport.jpg__PID:346df9ba-a859-490f-bec1-c4fcdd541857

Struggling to connect with your children?

Why not play together?

Playing sports like baseball or basketball with your kids will get them talking to you and looking at you in a different light. Let's not undermine the health benefits and how fun it can be.

Importance of Family Time for Couples

Spending time with your entire family is one thing, but spending time with your spouse is another. You see, marriage takes a lot of effort on both ends. And it's extremely important to spend some one-on-one time with your spouse to be on top of life's challenges.

Here are a couple of reasons why you need to spend time with your partner.

1. Helps Grow Together

It's unrealistic to expect that you'll never have arguments or disagreements with your spouse. But by setting out some time for each other, you'll be able to work out your differences which will help you grow together.

2. Strengthen Bonds

Marriage is a lot of work.

And partners can drift apart.

The marital tie between a husband and wife improves only by spending quality time together. That's why we call it "building" a relationship.

Put some effort into your marriage.

Take your partner out on dates, surprise her with gifts, or simply appreciate her from time to time. And you'll notice the relationship between you and your partner improves significantly.

3. Improves Mood and Energy

good energy.jpg__PID:15fbf047-6409-43d9-acb2-0ec2b2b43ab5

Finding a good home and work-life balance can be tough. And more often than you'd think, you'll find yourself in a bad mood because of the hectic schedule.

By having a good relationship with your partner, you will be able to draw out enough energy to get through the day and revive your mood when you finally get home.

Importance of Family Time for Children

Children should never be taken for granted. Many parents can't give their children the time of the day because they are busy providing. And while that might seem okay, the child grows up to become distant and resentful.

Here's why spending time with children is essential for a parent.

1. Helps Build Confidence

If you want your kids to grow up as confident adults without behavioral issues, it's important to take an interest in their daily life.

A nurturing home environment can really help your kids communicate better. They'll even thank you for their improved cognitive functions!

2. Control Negative Influences

As children grow up, the outside world can get to them.

And while you can't prevent exposure to negative influences, what you can do is create a comfortable environment at home where your kids can come and talk to you. You'll be able to teach them the difference between what's right and what's not acceptable.

3. Improves Academic Performance

Education begins at home.

And if you want your children to succeed in academia, you need to create a positive environment at home.

Spending time with them doing homework, helping out with school projects, or even taking them to school can help strengthen your connection with your children and help them excel at school.

How Much Time Should You Spend With Family Members?

spend time with family.jpg__PID:541857e1-8461-45fb-b047-640903d9acb2

You shouldn't be putting yourself on a timer when it comes to spending time with your family. Spending time with family MATTERS.

For example, if you can only afford an hour of time each day for your family, you should make sure that you don't get distracted by other things during that time.

That means:

  • No smartphone

  • No business calls

  • And definitely no television (unless you're having a movie night)

That one hour belongs to your family members, and they should get your undivided attention. You should use that one hour to do activities that engage your partner and children.

Over the weekends, when you are free, you can get in more family time by going on a short trip with them. It would help you create special moments that you can capture and reminisce about.

What Are the Warning Signs I'm Not Spending Enough Quality Family Time?

Taking your family for granted is the easiest way to lose touch with them. Here are a couple of signs that show you are not spending enough time with your family:

  • You're not as romantic with your partner as you used to be

  • Your kids refuse to open up to you

  • No one respects each other in the family

  • You don't know what's going on in your kid's life

  • Everyone is addicted to screens (TVs, computers, or smartphones)

  • You are stressed all the time

  • You have huge babysitter bills

  • You haven't had any new family pictures

These are just some of the red flags that tell you you need to put aside some time and work on your relationships.

Remember, it's never too late.

And if you decide to work on your family, you can definitely come back from this.

Consider taking a trip with the sole intention of spending some family time with your partner and children. If your spouse is unhappy with you, make sure to get him/her a meaningful gift to show your appreciation.

The road might be bumpy, but you'll come out on the other side more connected than ever.

Final Thoughts About Spending Time With Family

Life can be unforgiving with all the busy schedules. But spending time with family allows you to turn all this doom-and-gloom around.

After a day of slogging through countless assignments and job responsibilities, your mental well-being takes a hit.

And returning to your family is the perfect escape (or shelter).

Hopefully, you can see by now why spending time with family is important. And you should have found plenty of fun and exciting ways to strengthen your family bonds.

Is there a precious family moment that you want to preserve forever? Get the perfect 3D photo gift so you can treasure it forever!

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