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My Boyfriend’s Romantic 3D Crystal Photo Gift Scavenger Hunt

My Boyfriend’s Romantic 3D Crystal Photo Gift Scavenger Hunt

My Boyfriend’s Romantic 3D Crystal Photo Gift Scavenger Hunt


My Grandma always tells me a story of how my Grandpa once gave her a vacuum for her birthday. To this day, she always picks out her own present and has pleaded with me to do the same. I have reguiled her with multiple stories filled to the brim with disappointment. My boyfriend really messed up Christmas this year. He bought me Diamond earrings for Christmas that came super late and when they finally arrived, the Diamonds were bright yellow. The fact that he was in deep trouble is an understatement for the ages, and with my birthday and our anniversary coming up, my expectations were unfavorably low. I still did not want to tell him what to get me though and had hope that he would shape up.


What he did for me was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It was not only romantic, but it was as original as any gift could be, and that meant the world to me.


A 3D Wine Topper Shocker


It was the night of my birthday and we were going to a deliciously fancy dinner. I was impressed with the choice of restaurant so my hope for a great evening was already being supported. At the beginning of the meal he ordered us a robust Merlot. When it got to the table the cordial server presented us with the bottle. I was intrigued because the wine topper was made of Crystal. I am no wine connoisseur, but I politely asked to see the bottle exclaiming with wonder: “I have never seen a topper like that before…” The server, with a subtle smirk, presented the bottle to me. When I looked closely, I saw that within the sparkling crystal wine topper was a crisp 3D photo of my boyfriend and I at a wine tasting party we attended a year ago. It was so clear. I was astounded! I didn't even know that such a thing existed. The server then handed me a folded napkin that said “Welcome To Your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Scavenger Hunt.” Little did I know that my gift adventure had just begun.


The Christmas Clue


At the end of dinner, I went to go to the bathroom. When I came back I saw a note under my empty dessert plate. It said: “I kind of ruined Christmas, that is true. Go to a tree that is embarrassing to you.” Hilariously, I knew that he was talking about the Christmas tree that we have not taken down yet, and to provide a little perspective: my birthday is in mid January. When we got home I looked under the tree and found a perfectly gift wrapped box that when opened held the picture of where we first met: at a Christmas Party 8 years ago. The festive prom like photo was captured in a glistening 3D Crystal Heart and mounted on a striking base. I immediately placed it on the bookshelf right by the tree. Within the red and green gift wrap I found my next clue that said: “I want to let you know you are someone I adore, and so I remind you that love is an open door.” In the poem was a reference from Disney’s Frozen, so he scored points for that, but I had no idea where I would find this piece of the puzzle.


An Unforgettable Take Away


I was on a mission. I checked every door in the 2 bedroom apartment. I realized that there was a running theme here, but I could not find the last gift anywhere. I was taken away by all of the romance, but my feverish search after an endless hour was fruitless. I thought all was lost because he was not giving anything away, but then I came to a realization. I did not check the front door! I sprinted to the front door where there I gazed upon a hanging keychain I have never seen before. Highlighted by the hallway’s fluorescent lights, there was a 3D crystal rectangular keychain with a photo that said “Welcome Home.” I was absolutely floored. This is how he asked me to move in with him.


3D Photo Gifts Saved My Relationship 


I don’t think I stressed enough how upset I was at my boyfriend after our Christmas gift debacle. I took it as a sign that he did not care for me enough to ensure that the gift he was giving me would be top quality. Plus, I like personalized gifts that have thought put into it and meaning behind it. I did not know if my boyfriend understood me anymore, until now. The 3D Crystal Photo Gifts were gorgeous beyond belief and they were not just a gift, they were an everlasting experience. This gift will not wear and tear or get old in any way. In fact, it gives our memories a new spin. I have never seen anything like this. Also, our 3D photos are worth 1000's of words from our friends! They can’t say enough about them. I am literally obsessed because these gifts gave me moments that I will never forget. Interestingly, we had a photo taken at the restaurant. I know what I am getting him next year!


How The Magic Happens


So, since our anniversary is coming up, I know that I am going to get his present from 3D Photo Gifts. I was elated when I saw how easy the process is to get one created! All you have to do is go to their website, pick amongst a variety of elegant shapes (some others being: a vertical diamond, a tower, a spear, and more), decide between 2D or 3D, and then just upload a favorite picture. These HD engraved conversions come in multiple sizes, the photo can be cropped, and there are options for accessorizing! I am choosing the 3D Crystal Spear because of its eccentric shape and a photo of us on top of the Empire State Building. I am also choosing to engrave “World’s Best Boyfriend” on it. Best of all, fast and free shipping on all orders! I am overly satisfied with my gifts and I am ecstatic to give him mine.

Stand Out And Be Forever Remembered On Your Anniversary
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