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Three Unique, Personalized Gifts Your Loved One will Cherish, and the One We Think is the Best

Three Unique, Personalized Gifts Your Loved One will Cherish, and the One We Think is the Best

Personalization makes a gift more memorable and creates a bond between the giver and the recipient. In today's busy world, giving a gift that has been specially designed for someone, lets the person receiving it know you've put time and thought into the present. Every time they look at a personalized gift, they will think of you.

What to Look for in a Personalized Gift

 Personalized Gift

Choosing the right personalized gift can be difficult, particularly if you want something beyond the ordinary. While a framed photograph is a lovely gift, most people have lots of them and frame plenty of photos of their own. You can buy a gift that's engraved or monogrammed, but you don't know whether they will use it. By combining the personal touch of an inspired message, name, or date on a gift with a beautiful image, you get a gift that is doubly unique and will be appreciated for years to come. 

Keep in mind the recipient’s lifestyle as well. For some, a gift that can be displayed on their dresser or mantle is appropriate. They can see it every day and show it off to friends and family. If you want something more intimate, consider something smaller such as a personalized keychain, but make sure it’s both beautiful and unusual as well as personal. Finally, go for high-quality materials and craftsmanship, so the gift lasts and lets the person know how valued they are to you.

3D Crystal Photo Gifts – Our Top Choice

3D Crystal Photo Gifts

This is our top choice for a lasting, personalized gift that is suitable for every age. A 3D photo crystal is a gorgeous reproduction of the photo of your choice in three dimensions in fine quality crystal. The etching process is the work of skilled craftsmen using precision software to transform your 2D image into a 3D image embedded in a crystal. The image has a lifelike quality and changes, taking on depth and dimension, as the viewer circles the crystal. 

We love 3D photo crystals for several reasons. They are unique and contemporary but fit any décor, so you can be sure anyone who receives one will be thrilled. Each crystal is of high-quality, optical quality crystal, capturing the light and refracting it for incredible beauty and clarity. The image etched within the crystal will be clear and sharp with incredible detail. While the image you choose for a 3D photo gift is already personal, you can add laser engraving to your 3D photo crystal for an even more personal touch. A date, a phrase, a name…you get to choose. 

The options with 3D photo gifts include various shapes, such as a heart, horizontal and vertical styles, spear, and more. These are all attractive display options, but you can also opt for smaller, 3D crystal keychains that are portable, personal, and just as incredibly detailed.

Engraved Lead Crystal

3D Photo Crystal


Gifts of faceted lead crystal have been given to brides, couples, and loved ones for generations. Lead crystal is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful crystal forms due to its clarity and brilliance. Faceted lead crystal barware, vases, and decorative pieces are considered the pinnacle of crystalware craftsmanship. These are pieces that may increase in value over time, as they are sometimes limited in number. You can find anything from a Christmas ornament to a complete set of wine glasses and dinnerware in lead crystal by the major lead crystal companies, including Waterford, Lenox, and Baccarat. Lead crystal by these companies can be astronomically expensive, however, and can set you back considerably for a gift that isn’t personalized. Some people see these more traditional crystal gifts as old-fashioned because the patterns are often heavy and ornate. 

You can order a lead crystal picture frame, ornament, or set of crystal barware that is personalized from some companies. Most often, this is in the form of a name or monogram. The options are limited and add to the cost of the piece. If you are looking for an unforgettably luxurious gift, lead crystal is one option, but be prepared to pay a lot for it, even if it isn’t personalized. 

Fracture Photos

Fracture Photos


You may have seen the ads for Fracture photos on television. These are full-color photo reproductions printed on clear glass for a sparkling, exceptionally sharp image. They are created by printing your photo image on the glass in colored ink. The back of the image is then coated in white ink, which makes the colored image on the front "pop." You can order these in a variety of sizes. The 2D images are clear and bright but not substantially different from photos, and personalization isn't an option.  If you want something to hang on the wall or display on a stand, a fracture photo is an attractive option that will be sure to make an impression. 

The downside of a Fracture is the lack of depth. While the colors are vivid and beautiful, the image is, just like a photograph, only two-dimensional. You also can't personalize these glass images with any kind of imprinting. If you’re thinking about a gift for someone who would love a photograph, but you want to elevate the presentation, a Fracture is a good choice.

Why We Love 3D Crystal Photo Gifts

3D Crystal Photo Gifts


While a personalized photo on glass is lovely and an expensive crystal gift is thoughtful, we feel the best elements of both a photo gift and fine crystal are combined in 3D photo gifts. The 3D image captured in crystal elevates the beauty and uniqueness of each piece above a flat picture or an elegant but impersonal piece of lead crystal. 

The accessories and option to engrave your 3D photo gift also contribute to our preference for these beautiful gifts. You can have your 3D photo gift engraved with any message you like, limited only by the space available on the crystal. Lighted bases make 3D photo crystals even lovelier by shining through the crystal, illuminating the image, and adding a luminous quality. 

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