Tips for Choosing Our Gifts for Any Special Occasion

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for special occasions, especially if you have a large family or lots of friends. You may find yourself racking your brain for new or unusual ideas after you've exhausted the usual gifts such as flowers, food, or gift cards. If you don't know someone's size or fashion preferences well, choosing a present the recipient will appreciate is even more difficult. A 3D Crystal Gift is one way to solve the gift dilemma for nearly everyone, no matter what the occasion.


What Makes 3D Crystal Gifts So Special?


3D crystal art is lovely, will last for years, and can be personalized for the person you’re giving it to. While photos are a popular gift choice, especially when placed in a nice frame, 3D crystal gifts take a photo image gift to the next level. The 3D crystal transforms any photo into a holographic-like image that captures depth and detail you can't find in a photo. The vividness of the image seems to come to life as light shines through the crystal and illuminates the beauty of your photo in 3D splendor. These aren’t just flat images etched on crystal, these are custom 3D images created by computer from your photos, creating a life-like image that takes incredible shape as you move around the piece.


Price is always a consideration when gift shopping, and 3D crystal gifts are an incredible value. Each high-quality crystal is visually flawless and free of imperfections. This is the same sparkling crystal used in high-end crystal chandeliers and artwork and is similar to lead crystal. You would expect to pay several hundred dollars for crystal art of this caliber, but at 3D Photo Gifts, stunning crystal gifts start at just $30, with nothing over $200!


The beauty of crystal is timeless and elegant, fitting into any décor and capturing light to enhance the image etched in the crystal. The 3D image can be viewed from multiple angles, making it ideal for placing it on a table or desk where it can be viewed from anywhere in the room. So how do you decide what kind of 3D crystal gift is suitable for an upcoming special occasion? Take three things into account: the event itself, the individual's lifestyle, and the photo you’ve chosen.


What is the Occasion?

3D crystal images are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, so you can choose something that works well with the photo you've chosen as well as the special event you're celebrating. Is the occasion a romantic one, such as an anniversary, wedding, or Valentine's Day? The ideal 3D gift might be a photograph of the happy couple laser etched onto a heart-shaped crystal. Or perhaps a diamond-shaped 3D crystal gift would be the perfect way to capture an engagement photo.


For graduations, birthdays, and promotions, shapes such as rectangles, squares, and unusual shapes are a stylish choice. These are sleek and fit into any décor, letting the beautiful, 3D image take center stage. You can also order 3D crystal ornaments, a fabulous Christmas gift idea for everyone in the family. Do you have a group picture of the family? Transforming it into a crystal ornament is a thoughtful gift your recipients will use year after year, triggering fond memories every time.


3D Crystal Gifts Fit Any Lifestyle

Always take an individual’s taste and lifestyle when shopping for a thoughtful gift they will appreciate and use. Both your grandfather, who lives in a small apartment, and your globe-trotting best friend will enjoy a 3D crystal gift, but you won't want to give them the same kind of crystal. Your grandfather may enjoy the beauty of a tower-shaped crystal on a lighted base so that it's easy to see and enjoy every day. Your BFF who regularly hits the road for business and pleasure will love a 3D crystal keychain. Each time she pulls out her keys, she’ll think of you and admire the 3D image encased in it.


Consider the Photograph

Finally, choose a 3D crystal gift that’s the right size for the photo you’re having laser etched. With a wide range of size, shape, and style options, choosing the perfect one to highlight the photograph is easy. Photos of several people sitting in a row look best in a rectangular or elongated frame, while a single portrait will give you more options and work with almost any shape. If the image is of someone standing, a tower or vertical rectangle will work. Consider both the orientation and the complexity of the image as well. For instance, if several people are grouped tightly, you may want to opt for a simpler shape.


You don't have to worry about the background in a photograph when you have the image etched into a 3D crystal. During the etching process, the background is removed, and only the main image of the people remains, eliminating worries if the background is too cluttered or unattractive. The focus is always on the people! Young or old, man or woman, a 3D crystal gift is an exquisite present they will cherish because it's unusual, beautiful, and personal.

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