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21 Memorable First Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

21 Memorable First Father's Day Gifts for New Dads


Becoming a father for the first time is an incredibly memorable and emotional moment for any new dad. While moms do all the heavy lifting (pun intended) and get all the credit, and rightly so, new dads need something special to celebrate their first father's day.

While adjusting to their new dad status and adapting to their parental role, from changing diapers to learning how to install that new car seat, they need something genuinely memorable to commemorate this special occasion for years to come.

While adapting to parenthood can be chaotic, we've done your bidding for you and put together a unique list of incredibly memorable first father's day gifts for new dads. We know that rewarding the new dad in your life can be a challenging feat, so we've come up with the best first father's day gifts to show that waking up in the middle of the night and getting meals together for the little one doesn't go unnoticed.

Ready to find the perfect gift?

Let's do it!

8 Options for a Personalized First Father's Day Gift for the New Dad in Your Life

1. 3D Photo Gifts

Dad & Child 3D Photo Gift

Want something unique that he'll remember forever? Simply submit dad's favorite photos with the little one, and our 3D artists will etch them into a 3D crystal using the latest cutting-edge technology.

To begin, pick a shape, and you'll have it engraved and shipped directly to your door within 24 hours.

You can't go wrong with 3D photo art.

Having this moment captured in time in a 3D photo is a memorable first father's day gift that could be cherished for a lifetime.

2. 3D Photo Light Up Keychain

father and baby keychain from 3D photo gift

Want something more compact and portable? How about a light-up 3D crystal keychain? Same unique and memorable gift; only dad can take it with him everywhere he goes.

Here are our most popular shapes:

The best part?

This unique father's day gift is under $40!

3. 3D Crystal Wine Stopper

3D Crystal Wine Stopper

Looking for the best first father's day gift for the new dad that's a wine connoisseur? No worries, we've got you covered!

Check out this 3D Crystal wine stopper. You can add a picture of the new baby, a family photo of the new parents, or anything your heart desires.

It's a cool custom gift that's sure to bring a smile to dad's face on his first father's day.

4. Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

This made-to-order comic book titled "Mega Dad" is a really cool gift for a first-time dad. It allows you to choose one of three skin tones and includes the names of the new dad and the little one, and incorporates them into a heroic adventure story.

You'll also get to add a personalized message for a memorable father's day gift he'll be proud to show off to his friends.

Pretty cool, right?

5. Five Star Dad Personalized Ammo Box

Five Star Dad Personalized Ammo Box

Thinking of getting a gift box with your new dad's favorite things?

Pack them in this five-star ammo box from Etsy that includes a personalized message with three lines of text.

This is a genuine military surplus 30 or 50 Cal M2A1 ammo box. It comes empty, so you can stuff it to your heart's content with whatever you like, cold beer, a new camera, or whatever hot new item is on dad's wish list this year.

6. First Father's Day Picture Frame

First Father's Day Picture Frame

Yet another personalized classic from Etsy, this first father's day picture frame comes engraved with the name of the new baby.

You have your choice of vertical or horizontal orientation and can pick which size photo frame to use as well.

Throw in a photo of daddy holding the baby, and it can also be considered the baby's first father's day gift for the new dad.

Photos are an excellent way to capture this moment in time, and this gift can help you do just that.

7. Personalized Daddy Penny Keychain

daddy penny keychain, personalized father's day gift

Need something portable that reminds dad of his first born child? Check out this custom-made daddy penny keychain and matching baby feet charm.

Pick the birth year of your kid and choose a title: dad, daddy, dada, pa, etc. There are tons of options. Regardless of what a father likes to be called, this specially engraved penny is used to signify and commemorate that new dad title.

A perfect gift for his first father's day!

8. Best Dad Collage Puzzle

customized photo puzzle from shutterfly

Is dad into puzzles and games?

How about a personalized puzzle for a first father's day gift?

Let's face it:

Life as new parents isn't always easy.

This custom puzzle allows you to upload and customize a unique puzzle composed of photos and text for some much-needed recreation time.

You can choose your size and create a 60-piece, 256-piece, 520-piece, or even a 1014-piece puzzle. You can have either landscape or portrait orientation and write whatever custom message you want.

This one-of-a-kind gift for new dads is a great way to put your mind to use with a puzzle of personal photos allowing you to create a truly memorable present.

13 More Gifts for New Dads

Think that's all of the gift ideas we have for new dads?

Think again!

Here are thirteen more first father's day gifts to make it the best father's day ever for that special dad in your life.

9. Oars + Alps New Dad Box

new dad gift box from oars + alps

New dads and, in general, new parents have very little time for themselves when they enter the world of parenthood. Sure, it's a small price to pay to be able to enjoy the rewards that come along with parenthood, but how about a little refresher?

Enter the New Dad Box.

If your sleepless nights have put your grooming routine in the backseat, use this New Dad Box to feel alert, refreshed and make your skin look as healthy as the pre-baby days.

10. Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

meta quest 2 virtual reality headset

Does the dad in your life enjoy games and gadgets?

Of course he does! What dad doesn't?

Reward his heroic parenting efforts with the best first father's day gift:

The Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset.

Allow him to escape into the world of VR gaming with this nifty gadget that he could use for games, exercise, and even productivity apps that all take place in virtual reality.

How cool is that!?

11. The Dad Hoodie

the ultimate dad hoodie for new dads

Tired of carrying around that emasculating diaper bag?

No worries, with the Dad Hoodie, you don't have to!

The dad hoodie is the ultimate in fatherly fashion and has a hidden pocket for all the parenting essentials.

From diapers to baby wipes and even a bottle for your kid's milk, this hoodie has you covered.

It's not just a practical gift, but it's one of the smartest gifts for new dads you can get.

12. Beer Labels for New Dads

new dad beer labels

Looking for something creative for father's day?

Sometimes dad just wants to relax and could use some "me time" to knock back a cold one after a long day of playing caretaker with the baby.

Why not surprise him with these unique beer labels from Etsy?

They're a subtle way of saying thanks for the sleepless nights, 3 am feedings, and endless dirty diaper-changing duties.

13. The New Dad's Playbook

The New Dad's Playbook

When it comes to parenting advice, there are endless resources for mothers and mothers-to-be. Books about fatherhood? Not so much.

Former NFL player, author, and rockstar dad Benjamin Watson wanted to fill this need by penning this book.

The New Dad's Playbook is a game plan for the expecting father. It gives practical advice about how to be a good partner, what their significant other is going through (physically and emotionally), how to prepare for birth, what to do when the baby is home, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

It's an excellent and thoughtful choice in terms of first father's day gifts for new dads.

14. Marvel Body Kit

every man jack marvel body kit for men

Sometimes, the responsibility of being new parents comes with a lack of self-care.


All the attention goes to the newborn in your life. And for good reason. A baby can't take care of itself. They need all the love and attention you can give them until they are self-sufficient.

As an adult, however, self-care should be a priority. Don't let a lack of sleep hinder the hygiene of the new dad in your life.

Give him a new sense of hydration and cleanliness with this Marvel body kit. He'll get a refresh, and your family will thank you as well.

It comes with your choice of three different characters (and scents): Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther.

15. Date Night Bucket List Kit

Date Night Bucket List Kit

This is a gift for both parents.

How so?

After the baby comes along, family time goes from romantic evenings with your partner to bottle feeding, diaper changing, and a lack of sleep.

That's just a part of parenthood. Don't let that deter you. Rejuvenate your date nights with this Date Night Bucket List Kit.

Bring back the romanticism and get some alone time with your spouse by following these unique date prompts.

Got some of your own? Add them to the bucket for those special evenings alone.

16. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

fitbit charge 4 fitness tracker and smart watch

Becoming a parent requires lots of multitasking: carpools, child-proofing the house, and lots of instruction manuals. Not to mention your daily routine, work, and maybe a little sleep (if you're lucky).

Typically the first thing to go when life gets hectic is the fitness routine.

Prioritize your health with the Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker and smartwatch.

This is one of the best first father's day gifts for the health-conscious among us.

17. Sunday Funday Matching Football Shirts

Sunday Funday Matching Football Shirts

Yet another Etsy classic, try out this matching Sunday Funday football t-shirt and onesie for dad and baby.

It's perfect for dad to show off his football fanaticism while putting on display just how cute his little bundle of joy is.

What better reward than to show him that you care this father's day by encouraging him to get some downtime with his favorite pastime: watching Sunday night football?

Perfect for father and son bonding time.

18. I'm Your Father's Day Gift Funny Onesie

funny fathers day gift onesie

Speaking of apparel, how about something a little more on the comedic side?

This onesie expresses mom's feelings about giving her father's day "delivery."

It's cute on the new baby and is sure to get lots of attention.

It also makes for a good gag gift for dad.

Another perfect father's day gift idea from Etsy.

19. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

bose noise canceling headphones

Need a little peace and quiet for some much-needed downtime. These noise-canceling headphones are the answer to all your problems.

It's also a good way to jam out or listen to your favorite podcast while the baby is asleep in the next room.

Made by the predominant company in audio sound quality, Bose headphones make the hot list for almost any holiday, and Father's day is no exception.

20. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

atlas coffee club gift subscription with postcard

Is dad lacking energy and sleep from his fatherly duties?

He may need more than just any cup of coffee to recoup his lively spirits.

How about a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club?

What's that, you ask?

Atlas Coffee Club is a worldwide coffee-of-the-month subscription that delivers the finest single-origin coffee directly to your door every single month.

Think of it as a worldwide coffee tour only without the long layovers and accompanying jetlag.

Here's what comes with every freshly roasted delivery:

  • A picture-perfect postcard from the origin country
  • Brewing tips
  • Flavor notes

This gift is for the father that needs an energy boost along with a 3-month cultural coffee experience to boot.

21. Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada

dada book cover authored by jimmy fallon

Everyone knows that fathers wage a secret campaign that their baby's first word will be "Dada." At least that's the goal of this cute and comedic book written by NBC's Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Does it work?

Well, there's only one way to find out.

Pick this up as a father's day gift from baby and see for yourself!

Final Thoughts About Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Whether you're looking to buy a gift for your husband, brother, uncle, or just the cool new dad from around the way, we hope this first father's day gift guide has helped provide some guidance.

A first father's day is a unique moment in one's life that should be cherished. And what better way to celebrate this paramount occasion than by making it memorable?

If you want more from 3D Photo Gifts, please be sure to visit our online store or visit the 3D Photo Gifts Blog for more unique ideas and holiday gift guides.

Thanks for reading!

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