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3D crystal gifts

5 Reasons Why Personalized 3D Crystal Gifts are More Memorable Than Just About Anything

Are you looking for a meaningful gift to present to a loved one for an important occasion? Whether you have an upcoming anniversary, an exciting graduation day soon approaching, or a funeral, personalized 3D crystal gifts are the most memorable gift you could give. Here are just a few reasons you should consider getting one for the most important person in your life. 

It Captures a Specific Moment in Time

A personalized 3D crystal captures a moment in time that you and your loved one cherish. This might be a photo of your wedding day, a picture of a family member who has passed, a rendering of your favorite pet, a pic of you and your bestie, or anything else you have photographed. 

This makes it the perfect gift because it shows you still keep that moment in your heart, and it allows your loved one to relive it every day. 

It Shows Incredible Detail 

For every piece we create, 3D Photo Gifts uses top rated K-9 crystal blocks and high-definition lasers. This not only ensures high-quality 3D crystal gifts every time, but it’s also conducive to showing as much detail as possible. And because the crystal photo is three-dimensional, it shows even more of the moment than a traditional photo. 

When you give your loved one a personalized 3D crystal gift, you’re giving them a portal to a cherished memory almost as vivid as the real thing. 

It Lasts Longer Than a Photo

Photo prints can be lost or destroyed in floods, fires, tornadoes, or other unfortunate events. Further, photos tend to fade with time. Those saved on your phone or computer can be accidentally deleted or corrupted, rendering them impossible to view. 

Choose a personalized 3D crystal gift for your loved one to avoid these situations. Our top-notch crystal and lasers ensure the highest quality every time, and 3D crystals can last a lifetime or longer. Never forget your most revered moments, and relish in your greatest memories every day!


It’s Designed Just for Them

You can purchase a 3D crystal from our website in a variety of styles and shapes. For example, you can get it in necklace form for the special woman in your life or get a large decorative piece for your living room. We also provide a light-up keychain option for the practical person in your life. 

3D Photo Gifts also offers personalization services for all of our products. You can choose from a variety of bases for the crystal, include a special engraved message for your loved one, and even include a 3D backdrop at a small extra charge. 

Personalize your gift to them to make it the most memorable one they’ll ever receive! 

It Makes a Beautiful Decoration or Jewelry Piece

As mentioned, we offer a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and personalization options for our 3D crystals. Our crystals with a base will make a stunning decoration piece for your loved one’s living room, bedroom, or even their office desk; our heart necklace and keychain options are ideal for those who want to carry their favorite memory around with them—and look stylish while doing it. 

We offer the following shapes in a variety of sizes for our crystals with a base:  

Diamond Crystal 

A stunning design perfect for turning heads and enhancing any living space. 

3D Customize Tower Crystal Photo

A true classic that looks great anywhere and brings attention to what matters most—the loved ones in your photo!

Rectangle Crystal

A more subdued design that blends in anywhere while keeping your favorite memory on display. 

 3D Heart Crystal 

A style that clearly expresses your love and adoration; perfect for wedding or honeymoon photos! 

Spear Crystal 

A unique design sure to draw attention and spice up any room. 

Whichever style, size, or shape you choose, it’s going to look gorgeous! 

Regardless of the occasion, there’s no gift quite as memorable as a 3D personalized rectangle crystal. It captures a specific moment in great (and three-dimensional) detail, lasts much longer than a traditional photograph, is highly customizable, and is a unique way to express your love and affection to someone. Order yours today, and give a gift that’ll warm their hearts forever. 

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